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Here at SINFO LDA, nothing is more important to us than working hand in hand with our clients to handle all of their IT needs. From networking and IT support, to IT repair and security, we provide tailored service that seamlessly aligns with the unique needs of our clients.
With tailored service and reliable solutions, SINFO LDA makes IT easy.

Who We Are

SINFO LDA is a proud IT solutions provider specializing in networking and IT support. With years of experience in designing leading IT services and solutions through the guidance of a skilled, reliable, professional, and highly competent team of IT specialists, we work to ensure that our clients never have to worry about IT.
Instead, they can focus on what’s most important to them – running their business.

Experience Where It Counts

For us, nothing is more important than bringing our wealth of experience to the table with every client interaction. Because we provide tailored service, our team members are always eager and willing to share their understanding and expertise in solving the challenges that many of today’s businesses face when it comes to their use of technology in the workplace.
Our experienced IT consulting team offers top-notch solutions for our clients, completely tailored, personalized, and customized to their unique needs. We understand that no two businesses are ever the same, which is why we believe in treating each client individually.
From there, we help our clients drive efficiency all throughout their business operations through thoughtful, reliable, and world-class IT solutions. It’s time for you to grow, succeed, and remain competitive in an ever changing marketplace.
SINFO LDA is here to help you do it.

Leverage Our Network of Partnerships

In a fast-moving business world, every enterprise and organization depends on the help of trusted partners to maintain their competitive edge and to drive efficiency. Just how we serve as IT solutions providers for our clients, we also maintain a strong network of partnerships that allow us to deliver seamless technological solutions for our clients on a day to day basis.
From leading IT networking infrastructure components, to cutting-edge hardware and innovative software applications that allow our clients to take advantage of exciting new technologies like automation and machine learning, partnering with SINFO LDA means that you’re partnering with our network too.
Together, we’ll leverage the vast resources that we already have, and those we can retrieve to help you better position your businesses for long-term success.


We Offer a Wide Variety of IT Services

Network, IT Infrastructure & IoT

In a modern world, businesses require a modern network to ensure that their communications infrastructure is reliable, versatile, and easily scalable. At SINFO LDA, we install, manage, and support fiber and copper-wired networks and wireless systems for our clients.
Our Networking and IoT division has vast experience installing and managing Cisco, Mikrotik, Ubiquiti, Juniper, HP/Aruba, Cambium, Radwin equipment, and are certified for structured data cabling installations from industry leaders such as Panduit, Krone, Molex, Global Six, Legrand, Nexans to name a few.

CCTV & Security Systems

Keeping your assets safe and protected is absolutely critical in today’s world. For our clients, we provide a wide range of security systems that span across the areas of IT security and facilities security. Our security professionals will work with you to install, monitor, and upgrade your security tools to ensure that you receive total comfort and peace of mind, knowing that your network, your assets, facilities and family are safe.
We specialises in: CCTV, Access Control, Time & Attendance, Facial Recognition, Alarm Systems, Automation

Infrastructure as a Service

We are happy to let you know that you can rent IT components to complete a project (Hardware and Software). SINFO LDA is proud to work hand in hand with our clients to deliver on all of their IT equipment needs. Our team will analyze your current IT systems and identify areas for improvement or enhancement to ensure that you always have a reliable, modern, and world-class system that you can leverage to grow your business. Our goal is to bring leading IT equipment and solutions into the mix for our clients infrastructure to ensure that they have the resources needed to succeed. Our solutions aren’t just based on hardware, but we have a strong partnership with companies or products such as, Microsoft 365, Acronis Backup, Vmware, Dahua, Hikvizion, IDS, Uniview, Asterix PBX, and more.

Technical Assistance

We understand that the modern business leader simply doesn’t have the knowledge, experience, or time necessary to maintain all of the technical aspects of your IT infrastructure. And for that very reason, SINFO LDA proudly offers dedicated IT support and technical assistance across virtually very area of IT. Through a fast, personalized, transparent, and quality IT support service, our clients can rest assured knowing that they’ve got a professional team standing by to help them navigate challenges, solve problems, and design solutions.

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